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Simple chess framework
This Windows 10 Universal App is a simple chess Framework. Feel free to use and to extend it.

This project implements a simple Chess Framework realized as a Windows 10 Universal App. Fell free to use it as base for your ultimate chess application. ;-)

Currently it just checking the current Situation and takes a decision only depending on this. There is no depth-calculation for future moves.

The comments in the sources are written in german, so if there are any questions, just ask and - if I still remember what I meant ;-) - I will come back and explain.

The abbreviations of the names of the tokens is also german. This means e.g. for the "Pawn" it is named with "B" what is "Bauer". If you look to the sources, you will see, that the GUI and the logic are strictly separated, so the it should be no proble to Change the abbreviations or even to implement a 3D-Interface.

Please have alook at the currently known issues.


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