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This is a simple chess Framework implemented as Windows 10 universal app. You are welcome to use it and to extend it to lift it up on a completely new experience level in playing chess.

Currently the application is able to check the current Situation on the board an to take decisions just depending on this current Situation. There is not depth.calculation.

If you are interested to use this Software, you are wselcome to improve the sources and to use it for your own purpose.

The comments are written in german, so if there are some questions regarding the source, feel free to ask.
There is no further documentation existing. The game is completely textbased, so the Pawn is just symbolized using the letter "B" hwat in german means "Bauer".
But the logic is strictly independelty implemented from the GUI, so maybe in future also a 3D-interface will be developed.

The game has three modes:
Human vs. Human
Human vs. Computer (where the user Play always the white tokens)
Computer vs. Computer (completely automatic gameplay)

To draw a figure, double klick on it or on a touchscreen double touch. Some fields of the board may light up in yellow - this is where the token can be moved to, without being harmed - some may light up in red, These are fields offended by a black figure.

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